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Nuestro Tokosh - Fermented potato 60 caps

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ORDER ONLINE 60 caps bottle of Premium Peruvian Tocosh, pay by PayPal and recieve it in 7 days. Courier post delivery cost is EUR 15,00

TOCOSH is a Peruvian food product, a natural antibiotic obtained by the technique of preserving white potatoes in mountain spring water. It has excellent nutritional and therapeutic properties. It was created during the Inca civilization as a result of bacterial fermentation of potato cellulose. That is how the antibiotic was discovered, much earlier than it is believed to have been the case. 

INGREDIENTS: Fine tocosh powder, fermented white potato powder (Solanum tuberosum) 74.07 g / 100 g, vegan capsule, maltodextrin, anti-clotting agent (magnesium stearate), silicon dioxide. Tocosh powder content is 400mg per capsule.

PURPOSE: Raises immunity, helps fight gastrointestinal, urinary and skin infections. It actively protects the gastric mucosa and justifiably wins the epithet of a cure for gastritis. It is traditionally used in the treatment of hemorrhoids and stomach ulcers, inflammation or damage to the lungs / bronchi, asthma, any type of cold, in the postpartum period and in the healing of internal and external wounds. In addition, it is an excellent probiotic and the characteristic of its effect is that it allows nutrients to be found in simpler fractions that are easier to assimilate. Learn more about the application and effectiveness of Tocosh by clicking on the text.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 2x1 capsules daily. In case of serious infection 2x2 capsules daily. It is necessary to drink on an empty stomach. Drink with water.

RECOMMENDATION: Not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. It is desirable to take a short break after three months of therapy. 

Each and all of our products is the exquisite superfood, carefully selected and extremely efficient. Peruvian Superfoods is an absolute expert in Peruvian superfoods! Even in Peru, it is not easy to find a product which contains the indigenous tocosh powder. Be wise and order a superb product from the untouched Amazonian rainforest. 
This product was created in cooperation with the respected Belgrade Center for Integrative Procedures and Supplements Dr. Dunjic. In addition, by buying it, you are directly helping the wellbeeing of the Peruvian Quechua natives, without whose help we would not have been able to realize it.