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Nuestra Maca - Black Maca box 150g (30x5g)

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ORDER ONLINE a box of superb Black Peruvian Maca powder, pay by PayPal and recieve it in 7 days. Courier post delivery cost is EUR 15.00

 (Lepidium meyenii) is a tuberous vegetable from Peru. It is most often grown in three commercial colors: Yellow (gold), Red and Black. The differences in color are very important because each carries with it a specific concentration of miraculously beneficial alkaloids Macaenes. Thus, in the Andes the red variety has always been the women's choice, the black variety has been predominantly male's, and the yellow (golden) variety is mostly used by children and the elderly people. Learn more about the Peruvian Maca, written by a true connoisseur of this miraculous culture by clicking on What is the Peruvian Maca?. Learn more about the yellow, red and black eco type of the Peruvian root by clicking on the Varieties of Maca. 

INGREDIENTS: Gelatinized or Extruded Black Nuestra Maca Powder - 100% Organic, original dietary supplement, created by fine selection of black root of Peruvian Maca of the best quality, which provides the maximum effect of its beneficial effect in women. Gluten free. 

HEALING POTENTIAL: When we talk about Maca, everything is in the miraculously healing alkaloids Macaenes and Macamides, and our Maca contains them in the greatest result ever recorded in Peru. Download the Nuestra Maca test result by clicking on the analysis. 

It is especially known for its beneficial effect on the brain function: it improves memory, concentration, learning efficiency and body intelligence. It is the most effective eco type in terms of raising the level of immunity, energy and physical endurance, potency, sexual desire and fertility in men. It effectively stabilizes the levels of testosterone, growth hormone, TSH, cholesterol and blood glucose. The great advantage of black Make is that it contributes to the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.
Black Root is a favorite in professional sports and among celebrities around the world. It is the absolute winner in Macaena concentration, far the most expensive variety and the most difficult to grow.

HOW TO USE: One sachet a day, with breakfast. The box contains 30 x 5g sachets. Read more about usage by clicking on the text. 

This product can also be used by women, especially if the emphasis is on improving mental and physical ability. Not recommended for minor ages.

This product was created in cooperation with the respected Belgrade Center for Integrative Procedures and Supplements Dr. Dunjic. Black Nuestra Maca is a superb Superfood of perfect taste, and above all the only one of such composition and quality on the world market. Peruvian Superfoods is an absolute expert in the field of growing the Maca. It is not easy to find a product made of premium class black Peruvian root in Peru itself.

Taste the difference, feel the difference and be the difference.