Maka and Sport


As a personal trainer, I became interested in maca root benefits in athletic performance. In the last decade, it became irreplaceable in the professional sport. The fact that NASA included Peruvian Maca in the regular diet for astronauts in the 1990s and studies which showed how beneficial maca is for professional athletes raised my interest in this topic and this mysterious root.

maca-root_1In the Peruvian Junin region, at over 4000 above sea level, local residents do not struggle with lack of oxygen in the air. Their lives and daily activities seem quite normal. They work in the fields, run, play football without any signs of fatigue. However, my experience was quite the opposite. In the same place, I felt bloated, tired and couldn't sleep. It soon turned out that the cure for my poor physical condition was Peruvian Maca. This root improves energy, vitality and overall health.

During my stay in Amazonia, I tried to stay fit and used Maca daily. Considering that Amazon's weather and climate are very hot, humid and damp, this proved to be very beneficial and improved my endurance dramatically.

I noticed that recommended dosage of gelatinized Maca, 5 grams with breakfast, is quite sufficient for nourishing and balancing the body's endocrine system and mental clarity. Moreover, before the intensive physical activity addicional intake of quality black Maca is recommended. Maca naturally stimulates the body’s own production of testosterone with men and estrogen with women and it gives visible results in strength and endurance sports.

Overall human health depends on these hormones as well as their reproduction. Besides, they are responsible for muscle tone, connective tissue, and cell regeneration. In the life of a human being In 20s hormone production is stable, in 30s it slowly declines and in 40s it is weakened and in 50s endangered. Unhealthy food, contaminated environment, stress and lack of physical activity additionally affect the production of reproductive hormones. Uncompromised production of these hormones benefits the production of many other hormones, which is essential for vitality, self-esteem and will for life in general.

After taking Maca for a few months and return to Serbia, improved training and overall health have maintained till today which proves that Maca is capable of making long-lasting improvements. Curious how will Maca affect my friends involved in extremely demanding sports like Deadlift and Bench Press I offered them the black Maca. These athletes have above the average muscle and body mass. Visible results were achieved with daily 10 grams of Black Nuestra Maca.

Nuestra Maca product line is 100% natural and organic. The quality of Peruvian Maca is superior to any other, mainly synthetic products widely used by athletes. During 20 years long working experience as a personal trainer I haven’t found more efficient, complete or healthier sports supplement. Maca, unlike other food supplements, stimulates the operation of the hypophysis, thereby naturally stimulating the production of testosterone/estrogen and growth hormone. Such result wouldn’t be possible without unhealthy synthetic hormones widely used by professional sportsmen.

Take care of your health. Be fit and energetic with Nuestra Maca, products of unquestionable quality!