Maca for Men


In this article we outline the effects of Peruvian Maca intake by men and offer personal experiences of men from Europe, Peru and some of my close friends. I challenge the stereotypes about Maca as a typically female supplement as it is equally beneficial for men. It is hard for us to accept this rare plant of such an exotic origin.

I'm 44, with hereditary high cholesterol and I am physically very active. When I was in my late 30s, I started experiencing a lack of energy, libido and vitality in general, which is quite natural. Due to substantially lower testosterone levels in men from their early 30s and 40s, in my case brought about both by the birth of my first child and by my age, the ageing process in men is reflected in a somewhat milder form than in women, as the drop in essential hormones production comes a little bit earlier for them.

My first experience with Peruvian Maca in Peru, at the age of 40, was full of skepticism. Similarly to placebo effect, typical for situations when people's expectations are too high, the insight is blurred when one is doubtful. It took me several months to realize this was due to Maca that my overall physical and mental state had improved and had become as it was when I was 10 years younger.  Since I travelled a lot and was able to carry only a limited amount of the powder with me, each time when I ran out of Maca, while away from Peru, my body reflected a realistic image of my health.

People often wonder whether it is possible to become addicted to Maca. As one of my professions is a personal trainer, I would say that it is possible, but only in the same way one can get addicted to physical exercise or higher protein intake. If we skip physical exercise for a certain period of time or reduce protein intake while we are training, this will result in a deteriorating physical condition. Therefore, our body becomes addicted to Peruvian Maca in the same way as it gets addicted to the intake of any other kind of vegetable, or carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Moreover, people often ask me if they should stop taking Maca after several months, or whether the recommended doses are too high or too low. The answer to the first question is no. Macaens (the essential alkaloids) from the Maca root take effect during 24 hours from consumption, so it is not a kind of food with accumulating properties. The recommended dose of 5 grams is minimum for a man to feel its benefits.

I personally recommend starting your day with 5 grams of Nuestra Maca line product, and during the day, before an increased physical or mental activity, additional 5 grams of Maca powder. It is not necessary to take it daily, not even the Andean people take it every day. While in Peru, I use 10-50 grams of Maca powder a day, depending on the altitude. More than 10 grams should be taken only when one is active on altitudes over 4000m to compensate for the lack of oxygen and to keep your body fit and strong. 

To sum up, I've been feeling much younger since I started taking the Black Nuestra Maca product. My libido is as if I were an adolescent and the quality of reproductive material is such that I conceived my third child at the age of nearly 44 from the first try (in contrast to the previous two that took one year of trying). The supremely better quality, quantity and consistency of semen is evident after only two weeks of taking Black Nuestra Maca.

This is the answer to the last of the three most frequent questions: 'How will I know if Maca is really helping me?' A healthy man is the one whose testicles work optimally. Once you feel the libido of a teenager and see that quantity and consistency of your semen is amazing, you will realize that your testicles are functioning perfectly, and as a result, your testosterone level is perfectly stable. The lack of this hormone and estrogen in women, is the key problem of not only child conception, but also the reproduction of each cell in your body and overall health. 

Now when I exercise I'm full of enthusiasm and my level of stamina and strength during extreme activity is once again on the level it was when I was much younger. The quality of my muscle mass, skin and hair with Maca is outstandingly better, while the presence of major reproductive hormones is substantially higher. 

Over the last 5 years, since I started taking black Maca, my fat index hasn't varied, which used to be common in periods without the physical activity. I don't feel a need for high-calorie food, quite the opposite, I’m rather repulsed by it. Metabolic processes in my body are faster and better.  When I take Maca my bowel movement is more often.

Periods of low spirits are in the past. My thoughts are clear, the level of attention excellent and the creativity higher than ever before. When I write texts late at night, a cup of Nuestra Maca is my best friend. With it, I don't feel tired, the texts seem to just flow effortlessly, while my child doesn't have to suffer because of me being overworked. It is a fact that with Maca people's academic achievement is higher and their performance at work and in life in general is much better.  

The greatest benefit that Maca has given me is the quality of sleep. Since I started using it, I sleep for exactly eight hours and I wake up perfectly fresh, which is the key to healthy living. I used to wake up during the night, sleep longer and get up tired in the morning. The most beneficial effects of taking Maca are reflected in better results concerning the levels of cholesterol, triglyceride, testosterone and some other markers out of referential values.

Male and female experiences can be easily compared. Just substitute the words testosterone with estrogen or andropause with menopause, etc. To conclude, the benefits of Peruvian Maca are almost the same in both genders because it regulates the hypothalmas, situated just above the pituitary gland which plays a key role in balancing energy and focus. Nuestra Maca product line is unique on the European market with its supreme composition and quality.