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Atomized Maca Extract powder should be taken after breakfast in a daily dose of 5 grams, which means one sachet. People who drink Maca for the first time should not exceed the daily dose of half a sachet during the first two weeks of use, after which they can switch to the recommended dose. If necessary, the recommended dose may be increased to two sachets per day (every 12 hours). It could be consumed with any therapy, as well as during the menstrual period. It is a completely harmless food, to the extent that the consumption of potatoes or sweet potatoes is harmless.

Nuestra Maca tastes great! We suggest to consume it dissolved in a smoothie, shake, milk, juice, or water. It is necessary to stir the liquid for 1 minute or to blend briefly to dissolve the powder, then drink the contents of 1-2 dl of the prepared beverage after breakfast, before training, studying or any elevated physical or mental activity. If you wish to conceive, consume a bag of Nuestra Maca 1 hour before intercourse, regardless of whether you drank it in the morning.

Recipes: The banana is in the first place as an addition to maca smoothie, and in the second is cocoa powder. Try it! In addition to a bag of Nuestra Maca, the traditional Quechua Smoothie combines a spoonful of honey, a spoonful of carob powder, half a banana, one egg white, 1 dl of any milk and 1 dl of water. For a protein or other shake, choose the flavor of chocolate or cookies. In a peach, apricot, citrus or forest fruit smoothie, the flavors blend perfectly. Ground flax or chia and Maca make a functional combination, is our advice. Without blending, it takes a moment to desolve it in yogurt or thick liquid, and much easier in liquid at room temperature.

Warning: In the case of a disease or a certain disorder, increased intake will give better results. Extracted Peruvian Maca is expensive, and capsules that actually contain its extract should be expensive too. You should be careful with capsules or tablets made of raw or gelatinized maca. A capsule or tablet contains 300 to 400 mg of the maca active ingredient so depending on the rawness of the maca from which they are made, it should be taken from 15 to 25 capsules per day to reach the recommended dose of 5 grams.