Nuestra Maca


The product we offer is the same product other suppliers know very little about, since the trust is put upon their suppliers and so on. Peruvian Maca products on the local market are poorly labelled with the information taken from the internet, copied texts and most importantly lacking the basic knowledge of the product, let alone its exact origin, which is in most cases China. Our website, will inform the public of the scheming in the Peruvian Maca, Cocoa and other Superfoods trade.

The range of finely packed powder called Maca offered on European market has gone through several hands in the trade chain, while the initial product was of a poor quality. Chinese Maca products started to flood into European market, but are sold as the extract of Peruvian produce.

Maca, potatoes, corn, tomatoes, cocoa, chili peppers and 160 native species of fruit and vegetables originally come from Peru, and, therefore, all of them have a more intense flavour and higher nutritional value in their land of origin.

It has been scientifically tested and proven that Peruvian Maca is an original product, dependent on the mineral-rich Andean soil, the ideal altitude of 3.700-4.300m and the proximity to the Equator, which prevents frostbite. Maca grown only a 500 km from the Junin region, in Peru, lacks the nutritious and fibrous properties and the size and hardness of the ideal fruit.

Maca grown on the highlands of the Peruvian region of Junin, Huancavelica and Pasco (Departamento de Junin, Huancavelica o Pasco), is the only fruit with the optimal quality, while there are drastic differences in the fruit quality within the entire Andean genus. At the very source, in Peru, the problem lies in inexperience of many inhabitants of the mountains, whose participation in the overall Peruvian Mace harvest with their poorly-developed products is significant.

Due to high demand, Maca is grown in locations in many countries, mainly in China, where the fruit takes on a completely degenerated appearance and poor nutritional composition. The vast majority of Peruvian producers simply mix it with other ingredients or process poor quality Maca because Peruvian law prohibits exporting unprocessed fruits. In short, who can guarantee what the powder originating from Peru contains? 

No European laboratory is accredited to confirm the exact origin or quality of Maca powder or concentration of its Macaens, while it is only the powder the law allows to be exported from Peru.

The Nuestra Maca product line is made up of the Finest Red, Black and Gelatinized Maca powder Blend. Our Blend is unique because it comes from a naturally developed mixture of Giant Red (50%) and Black (50%) Peruvian Maca root, which allows the effectiveness of the full scope of its beneficial properties. We believe that a products of such quality would never have found its way to European market.

Nuestra Maca root is grown on our crop field in the most fertile part of the Junin region located near the town Carhuamayo, at the ideal altitude of 4.200m in the Peruvian Andes.

Gelatinization processing is carried out in our state-of-the-art production plant in Peru's capital city of Lima. Download the Organic Certificate of our processing plant in Peru by clicking on the text.