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Until a few years ago, the world only knew of golden Maca. Its real name in Spanish, as well as in the Quechua language, is yellow Maca (Maca amarilla, Karwuamaca). The name golden Maca was created for commercial purposes.
Over its long history spanning 3600 years, the Andean peoples have grown 6 Maca varieties, which differ in colour: yellow, cream-white, red, violet, black and grey. There are also multicoloured fruits - the soorts obtained by cross-breeding all these colours. Today, the market in developed countries offers yellow, red and black eco type. The differences in color are very important because each one carries with it a specific concentration of the miraculously beneficial alkaloids of Macaenes. In the Peruvian Andes the red variety has always been a women's choice, the black one mostly men's, and the yellow one children's and the elderly's.


It has many beneficial properties, out of which the best-known are: it increases the energy level and stamina, libido, sexual potency and fertility of both sexes; it facilitates proper development of children, invigorates the whole body, boosts immunity, accelerates metabolism, rejuvenates the skin and hair; it is ideal food for students; it facilitates brain function and memory, reduces stress and is a natural anti-depressant. It does not contain many Macaene alkaloids and therefore is apropriate for children and older people use. It is the most cultivaded variety in the Andes and the cheapiest type of all.


In addition to the mentioned benefits of yellow Maca, this variety provides a complete hormonal balance for Women, raises the level of energy and vitality. It effectively removes numerous effects of PMS, improves sleep quality, affects the regularity of the feminine period and good mood, stimulates libido and ideal conditions for conception. It regulates the thyroid gland activity, accelerates metabolism, stabilizes TSH secretion, estrogen and blood glucose levels; minimizes the effects of Menopause, cleanses the face from acne and it helps to regenerate the skin, hair and nails much faster.

Very important, this eco type stimulates the proper synthesis of calcium, magnesium and iron. It is an excellent regenerator of bones, so it efficiently stops osteoporosis, in some cases even cures it. 300 metabolic processes depend on the correct synthesis of magnesium! Proven helps in the treatment of anemia. Not recommended for younger than 5 years old! A man should use the Red Maca only in the case of enlarged prostate, as it proven helps with this problem. It contains more Macaenes, it is more difficult to grow and more expensive than yellow variety.


It is particularly famous for its beneficial effects on the brain's activity, it stimulates memory, concentration, learning efficiency and body intelligence. In addition, it is the most effective variety in regard to raising energy levels and stamina, potency, sexual desire and fertility in men. It improves sleep quality and effectively stabilizes the secretion of testosterone, TSH, growth hormone, and blood glucose levels. The great advantage of black Maca is the fact that it contributes to a complete peace of mind and a sense of satisfaction, and this achieves by completely natural regulation of the secretion of Serotonin, the hormone of harmony and joy. 
Black root is a favorite in professional sports and among celebrities around the world. It is an absolute winner in the concentration of Makaenes, the most expensive variety and the most difficult to cultivate. Not recommended for younger than 18 years old! 
Black Maca can be used by men and women, especially if it is an emphasis on improving mental and physical abilities.