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We are Top Peruvian Maca Exporter. Our superb raw materials are being shipped to many countries. After more than one decade of experience in cultivation of maca in the Peruvian region of Junin, we achieve superior results in the form of large, sweet and fibrous roots, and thus the label of the best quality. See our Peruvian maca wholesale offer by clicking on Wholesale.

Throughout a history of over 4000 years, the Andean natives have cultivated 6 varieties of Peruvian maca. Yellow, red and black varieties are widely offered around the world. The difference in color is very important because each carries a specific concentration of the miraculous alkaloids Macaenes.

The fresh maca roots has always been dried in the sun, which preserves its miraculous properties, gives it a special sweetness and pleasant taste. We belong to the last maca producers cooperative who still dries them this way. Namely, in recent years, the maca has been dried in the Andes in a type of greenhouse (fitotoldo) in which such a process takes place in unnaturally short period, which degrades its quality.

The darker shell of a black or red maca roots has a minimal effect on the color of its powder, while the difference in benefits is significant. Read more aout this topic by clicking on the text. Learn all about the Peruvian maca, written by a true connoisseur of this miracolous root by clickig on the text.


Gelatinization is what happens to potatoes, rice or pasta after 10 min of cooking, when the starch decomposes and turns into a gelled mass, so the food softens and becomes edible. Raw starchy foods are not digestible, and maca is one of them. Otherwise, raw potatoes, rice or pasta would be edible. In addition, the effect of gelatinized maca is much more pronounced than the raw maca powder. Read more about this inovative food processing method by clicking on the text. Recently we developed a new processing tecnology, which presents the first Peruvian maca gelatinized powder 4X and 6X, with even more pronounced effects and affordable price.


Peruvian maca is a one of the most powerfull superfoods, and when it is atomized, it has 5 to 20 times greater potential than raw maca powder. The taste is much softer, and its compounds have a greater bioavailability. It has a high concentration of antioxidant compounds like glucosinolates, which helps fight free radicals, reduce oxidative damage in cells and slow premature aging. Read more about this inovative extracting method by clicking on the text.

Nuestra Brand! In cooperation with the prestigious Belgrade Center for Integrative Medicine Dr. Dunjic, to the European market, we present very original and effective supplements from the era of the Inca civilization. 

The concentration of the alkaloids Macaenes and Macamides is crucial in Peruvian maca. It is the most effective natural remedy for the pituitary gland disorder. It is a great discovery, and only the best quality Peruvian maca contains it in great concentration. In our gelatinized maca powder, the measured content of macaenes and macamides is the best recorded result of Peruvian maca cultivators in recent years.

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