Peruvian Maca is a one of the most powerfull superfoods, and when it is atomized, it has 5 to 20 times greater potential than micro pulverized maca. The taste is much softer and its compounds have a greater bioavailability. It has a high concentration of antioxidant compounds like glucosinolates, which helps fight free radicals, reduce oxidative damage in cells and slow premature aging. The high concentration of the alkaloids Macaenes and Macamides in our Peruvian Maca extracts help misfunctioning of the pituitary gland. There is a range of scientifically proven benefits of maca extracts, including: Increasing libido, reducing erectile dysfunction, boosting energy and endurance, increasing fertility, improving mood, reducing blood pressure, reducing sun damage and fighting free radicals.

We have the knowledge and many years of experience in extracting the maca, and we are well equiped to do it. We are the only one company in Peru who controles the sistematically high quality of the own maca crop. We are the most efficient maca root producer in Peru, who own the very first gelatinizing state of art plant in Lima and the manufacturer of the undisputed maca extracts.

Equipments we use in extracting the maca are: Niro Atomizer 12925, Analytical Balance, Craftsman pump, Alfa Laval Centrifuge, Stove Stockes, Pump model Water 510, Column Hypersil MOS 5 um (125 mm x 4.6 mm), Detector UV Spectrophotometer - V model Water 486, Integrator and Recorder model Water 746, Hammer mill Milano Bonapacce, Sieve Zavy Jean Jean, Tank with agitator Phytoturbine and Ultrasound Sonorex.
Reagents we use are: Acetonitrile MERCK, Distilled water, Ethyl alcohol 95° MERCK, DEMSA Maltodextrin, Methanol MERCK and Nitrogen at 99, 98 MESSER. 

Methodology we use, the flowchart of 10:1 extract: 

1. Reception of the raw material. Received whole maca sundried tuberous root 500 KG from the district of Carhuamayo (Junín).
2. Temperature decrease. Addition of liquid nitrogen to the whole maca tuberous root until reaching temperature of -50°C.
3. Grounding the maca tuberous roots. With Milano Bonapacce hammer mill passing through meshes No. 4 and No. 10 successively.
4. Preparation of the ethanolic extract. Grounded maca tuberous root is transferred to a stainless steel mixing tank with an agitator Phytoturbine, which contains 2500 L of 80° ethyl alcohol with constant stirring for 72 hours at room temperature.
5. Separation of the liquid phase from the ethanolic extract. A solid separator, an Alfa Laval centrifuge, is used, obtaining the liquid phase of the ethanolic extract; the solid residue is proceeded to pressing, the liquid obtained is filtered and added to the liquid phase mentioned before.
6. Atomization of the liquid phase of the ethanolic extract. The liquid phase is transferred to a 3000 L storage tank of jacketed steel, maltodextrin (up to 30%) is added with constant stirring and brought to a temperature of 90 C°. With the help of a Craftsman pump is transferred to the Niro atomizer, at a temperature of entrance of 90 ° C and exit temperature of 60 ° C, obtaining the extract powder atomized.
7. Unstuffing of the atomized extract. The atomized extract is taken to stainless steel trays with a maximum thickness of 25 mm in a Stocker oven at a temperature of 70°C for 2 hours. 
8. Sieving the atomized extract. The particle size is homogenized, with a Zavy Jean Jean sieve with mesh No. 100.
9. Packing, labeling and storage. The final quantity of 10:1 extract of 50 KG packed in double polyethylene bags of 5 kg and secondary packaging 57x37x20 cm double corrugated cardboard box (includes 2 bags of 5 kg), labeled and stored.

Our atomized hydro alcoholic extracts are of the highest purity and quality. The levels of glucosilonates and macaenes in our maca crop is unbeatable high, so our extracts are of the most efficient ones you could find in Peru. Try Nuestra Maca extracts, feel its great taste and spectacular effects! Taste the difference, feel the difference and be the difference.

Que disfrute de nuestro atomizado,
El Gringo