Sterility is increasingly present in the modern world. With the Corona pandemic, the situation worsened. Men who have not had fertility problems are increasingly facing this problem. The worst thing is that about 30% of couples the medicine cannot determine the cause of infertility. More and more married couples are facing the problem of sterility, which is why they decide to go on with the process of in vitro insemination. The IVF seems to be the only valid solution, but there is also the Peruvian Nuestra Maca, with which hundreds of world wide couples managed to have children. Dozens of couples who failed in the IVF after several attempts, succeeded from the first intention with the help of Nuestra Maca products. That promises.

Is there any evidence that Maka is helping?

In Peru, Maca has always been synonymous with the fertility of both couples. It is a historical heritage that is much older than the Inca civilization. The Moche people, who lived on the territory of Peru in 1000 BC, left a clear emphasis on the fertility of both couples with the symbolism of their clay statues and figures. Among them, it is used daily, as a stimulant of potency and sexual desire. The sacrifice to the gods was mostly Maca, and according to the frequency of finding her traces in the parishes of the Moche natives, it was estimated that it was their favorite food. Almost all found figures and statues from the time of their civilization describe the same topic, and that is the fertility and sexual desire of both couples! 

Is it maybe a coincidence? 

Of course it is not. Millennial history has shown that Maca has remained synonymous with male potency and female fertility during the Inca civilization (1400-1533 AD), during Spanish colonization (1533-1820 AD), as well as today in Peru and around the world. Peruvian and world's universities have conducted numerous studies in recent years on the impact of Maca on fertility. Peru's esteemed Cayetano Heredia University is at the forefront of this.

Studies on Peruvian Maca 

The first study applied to humans in which gelatinized black Maca was used in men led to the conclusion that sperm levels and motility were significantly improved after 3 months of consumption. The article was published in the Asian Journal of Andrology in September 2001 (Gonzales y col, 2001). It is traditionally known that gelatinized Maca is a super nutrient, but also that it has a positive effect on fertility (Cobo, 1956). Over the past century, Maca has been proven to be a very effective aphrodisiac, and its beneficial effect on the level of life energy has been described to the same extent (Ruiz, 1952). Various scientific studies have shown positive results on the fertility of both sexes, promoting sexual desire and energy (Canales y col, 2000; Zheng y col, 2000; Gonzales z col, 2001).

It is obviouse that the red and black gelatinized Maca enhance sexual desire, improve fertility in both couples, reduce embryo mortality, elevate mood, alleviate depression and anxiety, improve memory and learning ability, and protect skin from ultraviolet radiation (Gonzales y col, 2014). 

Maca and IVF, embryo mortality  

You read in the previous paragraph that red Maca reduces the mortality rate of embryos. After 5 years of experience, we have achieved that dozens couples who did not succeed in the IVF from several times, succeeded in the first one with the help of Nuestra Maca products. In addition, the occurrence of fetal loss by natural conception is reduced to a minimum, and the success of conceiving with our products is more then 60%.
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