The other day we received a message from Sandra on Facebook that reads: "Good afternoon 😊 I started using red maca this morning ... I mixed it in yogurt. I expected the taste to be different, I read that it was like earthy ... However, the taste is sweet. Is that OK?" We often receive messages of this kind, so let's deal with the topic ...

Why do other Maca have an earthy taste and ours do not?

First of all, the thing is in the quality of the Maca root. Since we have been growing it in Peru, we have achieved unprecedented results in terms of root sweetness and the content of beneficial alkaloids in it. In addition, there is a difference in the taste of raw and Gelatinized Maca powder. We have written a lot on the topic of low efficiency, perishability and disadvantages of raw Maca, and among other advantages, gelatinization of its root changes the taste and the product becomes more acceptable to the consumer.

I remember the time of the grape harvest when my grandfather nervously waited for the first must (young wine) to be squeezed from the press. In his hand he held a strange glass device, resembling a thermometer. In that way, the sweetness of the grapes was measured, and the quality of the wine would depend on that. According to the same mold, the highest quality brandy is obtained from naturally delicious fruit. Over the years, Nuestra Maca plantations have been convincingly the most delicious and efficient Maca root in Peru, which ranks our products among the highest quality in the world.

The last and most important influence on the sweetness of gelatinized Maca powder is the way the root is dried. The traditional Peruvian way of drying Maca roots in the sun, in recent years has been completely replaced by artificial methods, using too high temperetures, which not only loses the quality of the fruit but also loses its sweetness completely. Take the example of sun-dried tomatoes. Such a product retains the characteristics of taste and nutrition because the sun is the source of life and its rays carefully protect them. The cooperative of Nuestra Maca growers is the only one in Peru that has remained faithful to the drying of the Maca root in the sun. Most of the retail offer of maca powder is created by using a big lie, no one is sun dried as it is promoted! 

Thinking that this brings a solution, a good part of customers opt for Maca capsules because the earthy taste of its powder, is unacceptable. One should be careful with Maca in capsules or tablets, because it is unrealistic to expect a person to consume 15 or more capsules of 500 mg per day, in order to reach the recommended daily dose of 5 g. A 500mg capsule or tablet contains a maximum of 300mg of active Maca ingredient!

Finally, the type of Nuestra Make packaging, in 5 gram sterile sachets, is the most expensive. This does not suit the producers because it does not bring the expected profit. For that reason, our product is not cheap, but if you already value money more than health, it would be wiser not to spend it on something that does not bring any effect and tastes bad. Each of the packages of powdered supplements that you have in the house, which you open and close every day, after only seven days is no longer microbiologically correct and does not contribute to your health in any way. Without a doubt, it is the only way of packaging that guarantees the sterile content of each sachet of gelatinized Maca powder individually and thus gives me the right to recommend it to every pregnant woman, child or baby.

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Que sean felices,
El Gringo