The truth about Stevia

Stevia rebaudiana is an herb in the chrysanthemum family, subgroup Asteraceae family, that grows wild as a small shrub in Paraguay.

Stevia products in powder, liquid or granular form do not contain the leaf of this plant. They are made from the extracted compound rebaudioside A, the sweetest-flavored component of the stevia leaf. Stevia sweeteners, actually, contain the very small percentage of Stevia extract, from 1 to 4%. Rebaudioside A may taste 50 to 300 times sweeter than table sugar due to differences in the purity and quality of this extract. As a rule, producers use the well-known classification 'Stevia 99% purified'. It can refer to only several percents of Stevia extract in the product, provided that it is really so pure.

What does that mean? Is there the pure Stevia we are all looking for?

Rebaudioside A sweeteners are a mixture of various components like Erythritol (A sugar alcohol), Maltodextrin, dextrose, fructose etc. Each company uses some of the ingredients, which are not so good for the health of people. However, it is necessary to mitigate its bitter taste. Added calories through fructose, dextrose or maltodextrin seem absurd in the low-calorie product, while the added artificial sweeteners distance us from the idea of a natural product.

Recognized brands of Reb A sweeteners use natural flavors. American food and drugs administration (FDA) is not against the description "natural flavors" as long as the ingredients do not contain added colors, artificial flavors or chemical substances. Ingredients considered as natural are usually processed to the degree that not much natural is left in them.

Sweetener not made solely from the ground leaf of this plant actually cannot be from “pure” Stevia or Reb-A, because as such it would taste intolerably bitter, impossible to determine the right dosage and would not cost less than 30 USD for a small package. Hence, there is no sweetener made of 100% pure Reb A, not even of 5% purity, because this ratio is the limit of tolerability of taste of this extract.

Side effects and benefits?

Reb-A is almost calorie free. If you are trying to lose weight, this benefit may be appealing without fear to overuse it. A number of studies have shown that it is an excellent option for diabetics, with the positive effect on blood cholesterol.

Japanese have used Stevia since the 80ties and in my opinion, their experiences are the most authoritative. Their studies have shown the same as the FDA, that glycosides from stevia, like Reb A, are recognized as safe. They do not approve of the products made of the whole Stevia leaf from the raw plant extract since there is a real concern that raw Stevia plant may affect kidneys, reproductive or cardiovascular system. Moreover, it can lower blood pressure or affect the effects of blood sugar medicines. Stevia products made with erythritol may cause bloating or diarrhea.

Stevia with Reb-A is safe for use during pregnancy, but moderately and only products without erythritol. Whole Stevia leaf and raw leaf extract are not safe for use if you are pregnant.

Latest studies have shown that Stevia may be beneficial both in the prevention and in the treatment of carcinoma types. More precisely, stevia glycoside Stevioside significantly inhibits cancer cell growth.

Nuestra Stevia

100% natural sweetener, perfect in taste. It contains extract of the first class Paragvayan Stevia Rebaudioside A 99% purity and inulin fibers, of strictly controlled organic origin. Inulin fibers are efficient probiotic. They come from the Yacón and the Jerusalem artichoke root.

The balanced composition provides multiple beneficial effects on the human body. Therefore it is legitimately categorized as functional food and in our Super products offer product range. This product contains no sugar, gluten or other additives.

There are drawbacks to the Stevia products like the unpleasant bitter taste, metal flavor, and dosage issues. However, our product has none of the similar side effects. Whatsmore, it is well accepted in the Peruvian and North-American market. Try Nuestra Stevia and you will know the reason why.

Que consuman la mejor Stevia,
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