is the advanced food processing technology that results in a concentrated product of an increased digestibility, more appropriate for human needs. 
It enables human body to absorb a maximum level of nutrients - up to 98%; and allows a much longer product life - with an optimal preservation of nutrients of up to 4 years. Therefore, the traditional form of processing - fine grounded starchy raw food, with a lot lower nutrients absorption of 45% and with a lot shorter product life of 6-12 months, has been greatly superseded by process of either gelatinization by extrusion or atomization by spray dryer.

Through the process of gelatinization by extrusion of any starch containing vegetable, its granules are being exposed to high pressure for a very short period. This is as efective as 10 minutes cooking process, except that food extrusion is chemical free process, with no excessive temperature exposure that is otherwize necessary with other ways of food processing. Therefore, gelatinization enables starchy raw food to be instantly consumed in a more responsible manner, with no requirement for aditional thermal treatment.

Food extrusion may be looked upon as future of food processing, although gelatinized powders are already part of daily nutrition in many countries. In USA, Australia or Japan, the power shakes with high nutritive values are easily accessible as it has become known that gelatinization by extrusion provides three times better bioavailability and more beneficial effect without any nutritional loss. As it is to Peruvian Maca, when processed in this way, the nutritive value of the root still remains unchanged. It is the four unique alkaloids in Peruvian Maca root that give the most important beneficial effects: Makaene 1, 2, 3, and 4, and other chemical compounds as Makamids which  have miraculous effect on hipofysis, and therfore their preservation is of most importance. Their concentration in gelatinized Maca powder by extrusion is optimal and thus the effect of those unique compounds is maximal.

For example, the difference between the gelatinized Maca powder and RAW Peruvian root powder is obvious and easily noticeable. The structure is finer and smoother whereas smell and taste are more pleasant than the the one of raw product. Besides, the extruded Maca product does not cause digestion disorders and its effect is more pronounced. In addition, gelatinized Maca powder instantly stimulates digestion of lazy bowels and speeds up slow metabolism. 

Lastly, but not least, the process of Maca extrusion is one of the best kept secrets of a few Peruvian technologists. Many Peruvian distributors of Andean gelatinized powders are assured that they are offering a quality product, unaware that most of technologists rarely know how to process Maca in an adequate manner. On the contrary, our company Peruvian Superfoods is working with a technology pioneer of gelatinization by extrusion, the man who has been one of the first to successfully gelatinize Maca with extruder, back in the nineties. We are honored to have the opportunity to be working with someone of his experience and knowledge and at the same time grateful and proud to be able to produce and offer any gelatinized powder of the highest existing quality!

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