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Nuestra Stevia - Natural sweetener 50g

4.10 €
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Order online NUESTRA STEVIA powder 50g, a unique product on the European market! Cost of courier delivery is EUR 15,00.

It took several years of research in our production plant In Peru to make this excellent product with the completely natural taste of … sugar!

100% natural sweetener, perfect in taste. It contains extract of the first class Paragian Stevia Rebaudioside A 99% purity and inulin fibers, of strictly controlled organic origin. Inulin fibers are efficient probiotic. They come from the yacón and the Jerusalem artichoke root. Learn more about them here.

The balanced composition provides multiple beneficial effects on the human body. Therefore it is legitimately categorized as functional food and in our Super products offer product range. This product contains no sugar, gluten or other additives.

There are drawbacks to the Stevia products like the unpleasant bitter taste, metal flavor, and dosage issues. However, our product has none of the similar side effects. Try Nuestra Stevia and feel de difference.

Recommended dosage: Nuestra Stevia is up to 20 times sweeter than sugar. Therefore, it is not hard to achieve the ideal effect when used for baking cakes, making cookies, ice cream or other sweets. One mini spoon from Nuestra Stevia pack replaces one coffee spoon of sugar, while one 50g pack replaces 1 kg of sugar.

Soon Stevia tablets available in a click packaging.