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Nuestra Willkakkora - Cat's claw 60 caps

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ORDER ONLINE pack of Premium Cat's claw powder, 60 capsules of 400mg. Cost of courier delivery is EUR 15,00.

Cat's claw from the Peruvian Amazon, has been used by natives for hundreds of years. Ground plant, powder or tea taste bitter, which is why it’s sole consumption is rather unpleasant. Indian Curanderos (medicine men) recommend 1-2 grams of fresh peel per day.

Powder of real Cat's claw in capsules is much more responsible than extracts marked 10:1. One gram of raw Cat’s claw is sufficient to improve man’s health, while 10 would jeopardize it. In Peru, it is not extracted. The origin of these products is usually Asia or China. In these countries, it is nowhere to be found, which raises suspicion toward such products.

Only two species of cat's claw, are of primary interest for use as medicine, while only one Uncaria tomentosa is beneficial for your health.  Only experienced Curandero knows how to find it in the rainforest, therefore the trade of this plant in Peru represents quite a puzzle. Our research has proven that out of merely 10% of exported Cat”s claw, indeed contains this plant. Instead, from Lima are shipped various varieties of a vine of similar description.

Learn more about the usage and efficiency of Cat's claw here.

Dosage: take 2x1 capsules daily for prevention and 2x2 for various digestive system disorders including stomach ulcers, colitis, candida or Helicobacter. After 30 days it is advised to make a pause of 15 days. It is not recommended for children or during the pregnancy.

Each and all of our products is the exquisite superfood, carefully selected and of high quality. Peruvian Superfoods is an absolute expert in Peruvian superfoods! In Europe, it is not easy to find a product which contains Cat’s claw. Be wise and order a superb product from the untouched Peruvian Junin region.