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Cat's claw from the Peruvian Amazon, has been used by natives for hundreds of years. At the same time, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported this herb to be a natural immunostimulant. Its ground stalk, powder or tea are bitter and therefore unpleasant to drink. Indian Curanderos traditionally make 1 to 2 grams of the bark of Cats Claw into a tea or powder to be consumed over a given period depending on the illness.

Powder in capsules is much more effective than extracts marked 10:1. One gram of raw Cat’s claw is sufficient to improve men's health, while 10 would jeopardize it. In Peru it is not extracted. The origin of these products is usually Asia or China. In these countries, it is nowhere to be found, which raises the suspicion toward such products.

Only two species of Cat's claw are of primary interest for use as medicine, while only one Uncaria tomentosa is beneficial for your health.  Only experienced Curandero knows how to find it in the rainforest, therefore the trade of this plant in Peru represents quite a puzzle.

Our research has proven that out of merely 10% of exported Cat”s claw, indeed contains this plant. Instead, from Lima are shipped various varieties of the plants of similar description, even grape tree plant.

I had a very few units in order to perform the sufficient number of trials. Still, let me share my first impressions with you. At first, I made 400mg capsules with Cat’s claw powder. In association with a renowned doctor of medicine from Novi Sad, Serbia, we experimented on people on chemotherapy. He gave them 2 to 3 capsules of Cat’s claw per day in the post-chemotherapy period, and the effect was amazing. Their recovery was twice, even three times faster. Their life expectancy, after the treatment, was significantly prolonged. We can't claim Cat’s claw to be a cure for cancer, but it can be very good prevention.

Cat’s claw once again proved its antiviral properties to be effective against herpes, herpes zoster, and herpes simplex. One elderly gentleman, whose lower leg was infected by herpes, was cured with Cat’s claw. The nurse who treated him had tried all traditional remedies, but none proved to be effective until she used the cat’s claw.

It is effective in reducing symptoms such as skin reddening, or any other changes on the skin caused by immune or allergic reactions. Daily use of 2 to 3 capsules was effective.

In 2016, after a long stay in Serbia, I had stomach problems. Analysis showed that Helicobacter and candida were above allowed level. I took 2x2 capsules per day for a month and cured both illnesses. Later, I recommended it to everyone with stomach problems.  My close friend, after more than 10 gastritis years, claims that no traditional medicine calmed his stomach as our capsules.

In Peru doctors consider Cat’s claw to be helpful in naturally reducing high blood pressure.  I did not have the sufficient number of volunteers for trial, but I strongly recommend it to all people with high blood pressure. It has been used as a traditional remedy to treat inflammation and wounds.

My ideal lipid status with Maca can be assigned to Cat’s claw as well, even the combination of the two. Different studies have shown how effective it can be in lowering cholesterol level.

The immune or viral illnesses are relatively easily treated with 2x2 capsules of Nuestra Willkakkora per day. Our children came from the kindergarten with high fever and cough one day. However, my wife and I remained in good health. We got the virus, but we only had a mild cough and no other symptoms.

Dosage: take 2x1 Nuestra Willkakkora capsules daily for prevention and 2x2 in order to cure various immunological disorders. After 30 days it is advised to make a pause of 15 days. It is not recommended for children or during pregnancy. Find it in our Web Shop.

This product was made in association with famouse Center for Integrational Procedures and Supplements Dr. Dunjic from Belgrade. By purchasing this product, you will help the survival of the Ashaninka tribe. Their help was essential in the making of this product.

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