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Welcome to the Peruvian Supefoods website, a place where you can find Superfoods related information and products.

In the world, Superfoods is the superior trend in healthy diet.

World famous athletes are big fans of Superfoods.

We are genuine experts in Peruvian SuperFoods

Our main objectives are Superfoods production and consumer education.
We offer the fruit of our crop fields in Peru and the gifts of Amazonia.
We believe it is only an honest approach to business that holds the key to success.

Our business, tightly linked to the state of Peru includes:

- Organic cultivation of Yellow, Red and Black Peruvian Maca in the Junin and Huancavelica Regions,
- Organic cultivation of Quinoa in all three commercial colours, black and white Chia and Wild Criollo Cocoa in the Puno, Ayacucho, Arequipa and Ucayali Regions,
Service processing of agricultural land in the Junin and Huancavelica Regions,
- Highly responsible organisation, supervision and sales of our and other products at FOB Callao, Peru, 
Providing support in LCL and FCL transport with a possible participation in our shipments to Europe,
Education of local population and investments in agriculture.

We're the only European company that owns an agricultural Organic Certification in Peru, please download it by clicking on the text.
Our long experience
 in organic producing and processing Maca has resulted in the fact that we achieve first-class results reflected in a large and highly fibrous fruit, which has earned us the top quality mark. Above-average nutritional values ​​of our Quinoa, Chia and Amaranth are a result of our passion to grow the finest Superfoods.

In European Union we distribute wholesale: Organic Raw, Gelatinized or Extracted (Atomized) powder, made of Yellow, Red and Black Peruvian Maca, all varieties of Organic Quinoa, Chia, Kañiwa, Kiwicha (pendant amaranth) and Purple corn, as well as Native Criollo Cocoa beans and it's 100% RAW Nibs, Sacha inchi seeds or it's Extra virgen oil, etc.

The European market is presented with the Premium Nuestra Brand, retail packages of above-average nutritional values, flawlessly clean and fresh Super Foods, directly from our Andean plantations. Check out our Webshop.

The Nuestra Maca product line is made up of the Finest Red, Black and Blend Gelatinized Maca powderwhich is processed in our state-of-the-art production plant in Lima, Peru. Our Blend is unique because it comes from a naturally developed mixture of Giant Red (50%) and Black (50%) Peruvian Maca root, which allows the effectiveness of the full scope of its beneficial properties. We believe that a products of such quality would never have found its way to European market. Growing Super Foods is our passion and the originality our ultimate goal.

Highly accurate and technologically experienced we Gelatinize and Atomize Maca, Quinoa, Chia, Kañihua, Kiwicha and Purpl corn, a brand new products on the global market. All Extruded and Extracted products are offered on parity FOB Callao, Peru.

Gelatinisation is the advanced food processing tecnology that gives a concentrated product of an increased digestibility which is more appropriate for human needs. It enables human body to absorb a maximum level of nutrients  (up to 98%); it allows a much longer product life with an optimal preservation of nutrients (4 years).  
The classic form of processing, finely ground RAW powder, with up to 45% human body absorption and product life of 6 months, has been greatly superseded by processes of gelatinisation, liophilization, atomisation, etc.

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